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At Plagazi, we want to achieve a better and more sustainable future. This is why we are committed and strive to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals. SDG goal number 7: “Affordable and clean energy for all” is one that we follow carefully. This goal ensures access to affordable, reliable and sustainable, and modern energy.


Our process is all the criteria mentioned above: affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern by recycling waste and transforming it into green hydrogen. Besides having an innovative and sustainable process, we also have a competitive cost, making our process affordable and ready to decarbonize industries. Waste management is a global issue, meaning wherever there is waste, Plagazi can create affordable and sustainable energy out of it. 


For example, subgoal 7.1 states, “By 2030, ensure universal access to affordable, reliable, and modern energy services”. We currently have several Plagazi projects in the planning phase; for instance, we plan to have Köping Hydrogen Park up and running in 2024. Köping Hydrogen Park is planning to generate 12'000 tons of green hydrogen by recycling 66'000 tons of non-recyclable waste and providing the municipality with 10 MW of district heating every year.

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