Jörgen Andersson

- Former Swedish Minister of the Interior and Minister of Energy.

- Former Member of the Swedish Central Bank.

- Former Chairman of Vattenfall.

- Former member of the Board of Sydkraft.

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Christian Gerstädt

- Managing Director of Neue Energien Premnitz GmbH.

- Former Interim Managing Director of the Potsdam Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

- Former Member of Tax and Finance Committee of German Business.


Tuve Johannesson

- Former Executive VP Tetra Pak.

- Former CEO of Volvo Cars.

- Former Chairman of the Board of Findus AB.

- Former Board member of SEB, Swedish Match and Cardo.


Tomas Kåberger

- Board member of Vattenfall.

- Chairman of the Renewable Energy Institute in Tokyo.

- Professor of Renewable Energy at Chalmers University of Technology.

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Sven Otto Littorin

- Board of Directors Chairman of Beowolf Mining plc

- Former Swedish Minister of Labour

- Former President of the EU Council of Ministers (EPSCO)